Florian Franzen|

Engineer, Scientist & Hacker

Although I have received years of neuroscientific training and have worked on a broad range of mostly academic projects, I am a computer scientist and open source enthusiast at heart.

I have spent many years acquiring an extensive set of skills in hard- and software development, data analysis and machine learning, network and system administration, and full-stack web development, in addition to reverse engineering.

I have worked on-site and remote, in teams and solo, both in conventional employment and as a freelancer, sometimes in direct contact with customers and users, in a handful of countries around the world. During which, I have filled roles as an engineer and developer, as a system and network adminstrator and as a researcher and scientist.

You can find some of work on GitHub and Bitbucket. My resume can be found here.

I am available for freelance and consulting work. Please feel free to contact me with inquiries.

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